Our long term vision is to run a low impact, energy efficient rescue ranch with plenty of room for dogs to run free, to play and to roll in the grass.   We believe that most dogs can be rehabilitated when freed from the worry of seeking out food and shelter and given the bond of a pack, the freedom to run and the love and affection of people.  

Upon rehabilitation, we hope to find homes for each rescue where the dog may continue to heal and play without worry.  

We recognize the challenge in running a truly humane ranch, avoiding overcrowding and the many pitfalls that often plaque animal shelters.  We know our plan must include veterinary care, disease control, multiple food sources and a reserve of funds for years when we may not meet our fundraising goals. For that reason we won't open the doors on our ranch until we have everything in place, including a source of trained personnel, substantial funding for 2 to 3 years of operation, and a solid track record and network for placement of our rescues.  

We know our long term vision will take time, but we believe we can make a difference today.  There are many amazing animal rescues already in existence where we are excited to donate a portion of our raised funds.  While we will be helping animals on an immediate basis consistent with our mission, we will also be solidifying a valuable network of resources.  Click here to see where we are currently donating.

Please keep in touch with us and visit our site for updates.  We have a lot of exciting ideas and plans already in motion and we look forward to sharing them with you as they develop.


Nancy Hamad is an attorney and life time dog lover striving to curtail dog neglect and abuse.  She currently lives in Houston, Texas with her 3 dogs, but would keep all rescues herself if she could (and can't wait until she can).

Joanna Price is a talented print designer, illustrator, and devoted lover of all critters, big and small. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington with her two kitties, Honey and Fran. 

Damon Boatner has been rescuing dogs his whole life.  His favorite dog things are the roughness of a well worn pad from play, soreness after a long day chasing squirrels, sleepy flop of an ear in front of a fire, and the lazy circle wag of a tail in the morning after a safe night of rest.



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